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A multidisciplinary artist, Eli has worked in several creative fields.

She has created the art works releases "Museum of the Dry Bugs" (Gagarin Records), “Grass Velvet” and the acousmatic radio art work  and release“Xylotheque” (WORM residency) and the CDs “Tasmanian Robinet” (UnPop) “Duplicat” with Pelayo Arrizabalaga, “Baranda” (solo), “POLO” and “El Avión” (with Motor Combo) published by La Olla Expréss; took part as a collaborator in “Deep Gray Organics” by Alain Wergifosse (Geometrik), as well as contributing with tracks to labels such as Classwar Karaoke, Ego Twister, Monster K7, Dude Tapes and Espais Netlabel (with Obmuz) and Nereida Prod (with Motor Combo) among other compilations (festivals, etc). Also appears as one of the main artists featured in the documentary “Visionary Sounds” of Pablo López Jordán. She’s also published several object-books of tales and poetry.

Musically, she has walked a long and wide path since the early 80’s, from experimental music to pop rock, through Greek music, electropop, minimalism, improvisation, choral, funk, electronics, concrete, electroacoustics and visual-sound works. She has been a member of the groups as Etnia, OBMUZ, The Shower Sisters, Laptopless Orchestra or Ome Acustics band, and worked improvisation in collaboration with many artists as Pelayo Arrizabalaga, Pierre Bastien, H.J. Roedelius, David Fenech, Alain Wergifosse, Nuno Rebelo, Quicu Samsó, Adele Madau, Rosa Arruti or Juan Crek, also with visual artists as Sebastian Neistch and her collaborator Mar Morey...) In addition to being a member of Motor Combo (with Florenci Salesas, electro-pop-dadá), Eli works the solo projects “UnPop” (dada-folk, “one band girl”) and have played in many venues and festivals around Europe as Sonic (DK), Worldtronics (DE), Experimentaclub (ES), Blurred Edges (DE), Vigo Jazz Fest. Imaxinasons (ES), Jardins Efémeros (POR), Lab30 (DE), Sonar (ES), LEM (ES)... and did residences at Worm (ND), Estruch (ES), De Perifeer (ND), Sonoscopia (POR) or Champ des Possibles (FR).

She is mainly a composer, experimental luthier DIY person, and built/performs her sound and visual installation / performances Esmolets (Sound-visual sharpeners concert),  “Peeled Piano” and “Saló Sonor” currently working together with Mar Morey (visuals),  as well as solo experimental improvisation music performances and workshops/talks (children/adults).

Aside from musical projects and sonic experimentation, she has also been involved in some

other creative areas, like graphic design, script writer for animation films, special effects assistant for publicity, radio, illustrator, photographer, videographer...

She’s the founder and director of the NoNoLogic Festival (2007) and the publishing label La

Olla Expréss (2002), that encompasses musical, visual and literary creations spanning divergent styles and eras.




contact: eli@eligras.com