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Priorat Centre d'Art (ES): Design and build a set of invented instruments under the concept "home and leissure" called "Saló Sonor" (sound-visual-interactive performance). It was performed on diferent stages, like the Worltronics Fest. (HKW, Berlin) mostly in  collaboration with the artist Truna as duet and Mar Morey on multicam live video realization. Also some of the pieces were exhibit at the CCCB (Drap-Art Festival) / Performance at the same fest with Truna.


L'Estruc Centre d'Art (ES): Works on the video systems for "Saló Sonor" performance / Speech / Concert collaboring with Mar Morey on the video works.


Champs Des Possibles Aso.. (FR): Recycled Art Residence, Creation of a performance by using all kind of finded materials also altering an old piano. Edition of the related videos / Workshop / Concert / Speech.


De Perifeer (Deventer, ND) Nov. 2015: Details and pictures Under Construction


WORM (Rotterdam) April. 2016: Radio art residency, the work is called Xylotheque, acousmatic and concept work.

contact: eli@eligras.com