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Some press:


Interview in english: The Netherlands radio Dr. Klangendum, a special about me, while recording at the Worm / English

Dr. Klangendum part 1

Dr. Klangendum part 2


Gonzo Circus magazine transcription from the paper mag. Here too


IKNOWITSUCKS ! Several reviews:

About Museum of the Dry Bugs

About Tasmanian Robinet

About the sounds of Grass Velvet

About me


"Exposé" netzine, about Xylotheque

El Correo de Andalucía intrerview online


About 2 object releases at "Sul Ponticello"

Radio Telescopio (Circulo de la Bellas artes de Madrid) / Minut 30:32


Tasmanian Robinet at RNE

RNE: Radio 3 Territori Clandestí I

RNE: Radio 4 Fluido Rosa / Blog cover


Recent  Motor Combo track

  for Eurnovision compilation! Check it here

Press: One page at Gonzo Magazine!  Also in the site (I did an art Residence at Deventer)

Here another nice review from my The Netherlands tour


Here more pics and radio... EACC programming


contact: eli@eligras.com