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Eli is the founder and president, also publisher of this label association.

La Olla Expréss is a cultural association from Barcelona providing the world with unclassifiable creative materials since 2002 and working with slow, fast or frenetic action ideas in the fields of book and CD edition as well as spreading, representing, promoting, backing up, programming, inventing, producing, modifying and experimenting with the (more or less fine) "non logical" arts and some of the rarest artists on earth.

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Related links: web: www.nonologic.com Photos: Flickr Videos: Vímeo Eli is the founder and director of the Nonologic Festival.
From the 2007, here there are the most colorful, interesting and extravagant "not logical arts" International Festival and Independent Labels Meeting from Barcelona. Here have played such inter-galactic most famous underground stars as: Felix Kubin, Harry Merry, Mil Pesetas, Macromassa, Gunter Adler, Jim Avignon, Clónicos, Les Anciens, Puyo Puyo, Ben et Bene, Nova Huta, Antorcha Amable, Motor Combo, Holger Hiller... ... and also beamed his films and shadows play... Cia La Tija, Poki Poki, Adi Gelbart, Meryll Hardt, Cyriak, Alain Wergifosse, Florenci Salesas... presented their labels: and Dj sessions of the Dj Dynamo, Grovsop, Markus Detmer, Edmond Leprince, Nieve and Furia, Bozoo, Krapoola... and much more.

contact: eli@eligras.com