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Eli Gras is a multi-instrumentalist visual and sound artist, currently exploring one of her favorite facets: the experimental luthierism by building sound engines, mid way sculptures mid music instrument, very related with another passion: the fact of inventing by letting materials inspire her as asking for unusual solutions with its forms, mechanisms or origins, always looking for a marriage between beauty, curiosity, fun, that is meant to be interesting soundwise.


She works then majorly mixing all kind of recycled materials, industrial-mechanical residues and old fashion, abandoned or cheap engines related to concepts and territory.


As a sound creator and experimental musician, when playing live or rehearsing home, she uses the resultant electroacustic engines, exploring and testing technically the best way to make them sound, with all kind of amplification system, usually using affordable technologies, as part of this creative process.


She very much enjoys sharing knowledges and little discoveries, sounds and processes together with interested people, letting them play the instruments, doing workshops, school talks, concerts, exhibitions.. She fights against elitism and secretism.



Some of the instruments

contact: eli@eligras.com